Access to Financial Services in Nigeria 2020 Survey – Kaduna State Deep Dive

The goal of this event was to share information on the state of financial inclusion in Kaduna state, initiate conversations on progress and next steps towards achieving Kaduna state’s financial inclusion agenda, and the roles of diverse stakeholders within and outside the state.

Expected outcomes from the event:

  • All stakeholders had a clear understanding of the status of financial inclusion in Kaduna State, including among different demographic groups such as women, young adults, and adults living in rural areas.
  • Stakeholders were familiar with the Access to Financial Services in Kaduna State Deep Dive dataset and how to engage for further analysis/use of the data.
  • Financial services providers gained a better understanding of the consumers’ needs within the state and became aware of potential opportunities for product/service development to meet these needs.
  • The state government better understood critical areas that required policies and government interventions to drive financial inclusion within the state.

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