Leveraging EFInA’s A2F 2023 Survey, Promoting Inclusive Finance through Data-Driven Decision Making

The event, themed “Leveraging EFInA’s A2F 2023 Survey: Promoting Inclusive Finance through Data-Driven Decision Making,” was aimed at demonstrating the power of the A2F data and its application in advancing financial inclusion efforts, the real sector, and wider developmental outcomes.

At the Data Showcase, you would have:

  • Learned from industry leaders and experts who had successfully utilized the A2F data to promote inclusive finance, improve market segmentation, and innovate product development through a better understanding of the underserved population.
  • Gotten inspired to leverage data to tackle social and economic inequalities.
  • Explored the A2F 2023 survey questionnaire, reviewed key thematic areas as well as potential areas of insight generation.
  • Explored potential collaborations with organizations that used A2F data to address financial inclusion challenges.

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