EFInA seeks to establish a public-private partnership to fund future rounds of the survey.

Access To Finance Partnership Group

  • Members: All organizations providing funding to the A2F surveys.
  • Responsibility: Influence strategie objectives/policies, contribute to the development of the A2F survey and provide funding for the implementation of the survey.

Access To Finance Steering Committee

  • Members: Made up of technical leads from top organizations and chaired by EFInA
  • Responsibility: Day to day activities on the survey design and implementation, provides technical advisory to the Access to Finance management, providing relevant market insights.

Financial Inclusion Champions

  • CEOs of Private Sector Organizations donating to A2F survey.
  • Work together to convene the largest Financicl inclusion summit in Nigeria.
  • Employees benefit from data to impact training and continuous mentoring towards translating A2F insight to long-term profit and social impact.
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